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R.E.A.L.I.S.T. - Logo - Isohexum by Darkstar-Archangel
R.E.A.L.I.S.T. - Logo - Isohexum
Tool(s) Used:
- Adobe Illustrator CC
- Adobe Photoshop CS2

Logo Design © Darkstar Archangel (me)
R.E.A.L.I.S.T. Company Title 
© Darkstar Archangel (me)
R.E.A.L.I.S.T. Font © Darkstar Archangel (me)

Finally, the first official design for the Corporation of my fictional series, R.E.A.L.I.S.T. is complete.  

It took me a while to figure which center logo design I wanted to use as shown here: darkstar-archangel.deviantart.…
If you saw my last upload which is in scraps, the logo had the broken triangle/pentagon design.  The previous logo looked to dull, unfitting, unaligned, off-center and out of place.  So I had to plan differently with the same equilateral triangle grid I made from scratch and it worked very well with making this new design.  Each part of the logo represents something Royal and a part of the Company.

UPDATE: New version with a few tweaks, the sides bars of the logo have been changed to give a better balance in the spacing and size appeal.  Few colors have been changed and the Pop-Up effects are more dense and clear.

This Universe takes place in the second-half of the 3rd Millennium where definitions are changed, Evolution has taken a great course, and Revolution has made a massive impact.

Sectors of the R.E.A.L.I.S.T. Corporation

- R.E.V.E.L.A.T.I.O.N. : Special Forces
"Resourced-Elite-Vigorous-Enterprise Liberty-Ace-Tactical-Intelligence-Opposing-Negativity"

- E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. : Law
"Earth-Vigilance-Operations Law-Union-Tutelage-Intervention-Order-Nexus"

- A.C.T. : Domestic/Social Corruption and Perversion Nullification 
"Anti-Corrupted Troop"

- L.I.F.E.S.P.A.N. : Anti-Prejudice Activism
"Love-Invoking-Furious-Equality Suspending-Prejudice-Acts Neutralization"

- I.N.S.U.R.A.N.C.E. : Civilian Protection
"Integral-Notation-Security-Ultimatum Risk-Avoidance Navigation-Civilian-Exuberance"

- S.C.I.E.N.T.I.A. : Technology
"Science-Center-Increasing-Expertise Networking-Technology-Intelligence-Ascendancy"

- T.E.R.M.I.N.A.L. : Media
Unused: R.E.A.L.I.S.T - Logo Variant - Isowing by Darkstar-Archangel
Unused: R.E.A.L.I.S.T - Logo Variant - Isowing
This is a Logo Variant I tried to use for my R.E.A.L.I.S.T. series and I thought this design just wasn't that fitting so I'm going to use a different design.
It's based on the Triangular variant of the first phase logos.  The equilateral triangle/isometric grid works quite well.
THUMBNAIL: Roler42 - Outlast Whistleblower by Darkstar-Archangel
THUMBNAIL: Roler42 - Outlast Whistleblower
Robot Monkey fan character © :iconroler42:
Murkoff Logo 
© Red Barrels

Tools used:
- Adobe Photoshop CS2
- Wacom Intuos 5
- Mouse and Keyboard

This is a thumbnail I did for my friend Roler42's for his Outlast Whistleblower gameplay series that will be on his YouTube channel.  Just like the last thumbnail I did, I wanted to do something not-to-fancy because I wanted to get this done for other things. I know it's a bit sloppy but hopefully hopefully it will make a good thumbnail for Roler42.
THUMBNAIL: Roler42 - Outlast by Darkstar-Archangel
THUMBNAIL: Roler42 - Outlast
Chris Walker © Red Barrels
Robot Monkey fan character © :iconroler42:

Tools used:
- Adobe Photoshop CS2
- Wacom Intuos 5

This is a thumbnail I did for my friend Roler42's Outlast gameplay series on his YouTube channel.  Yeah, not one of my take-your-time home projects since I wanted to do this REAL QUICK so I could get into my own personal projects and he didn't mind, he said it turned out great.

He also said I put enough space for his logo and chapter/part number.
R.E.A.L.I.S.T. - Logo Center Emblem Designs by Darkstar-Archangel
R.E.A.L.I.S.T. - Logo Center Emblem Designs
Tool(s) Used:
- Adobe Illustrator CC

These basic variant designs are for the Company of my fictional series 'R.E.A.L.I.S.T.' which is also the name of the Company and Corporation of the distant Future on Planet Earth and it's Solar System.

Each Center Logo Emblem Designs has 7 Shapes in resemblance to the 7 Letters in the Company which represent 7 Different Category Sectors of Operations. (I also picked the number 7 as it's a very well Royal Number.)

I will name the Sectors and Purpose of each Sectors later when I pick the most appropriate and original Center Emblem Design and complete the main Logo.

I also created the font as shown in the picture.
So a person blocked me after I made an argument to try to keep me from trying to counter/respond to him. Talk about cowardice.

I said this: ""Shota" doesn't always mean yaoi.  Unless if you say "Shota yaoi".

The word "shota" alone DOES NOT always mean yaoi, it can just refer to the term of young boys. That's like saying "loli can also mean yuri" no it isn't. 

All that journal you posted just re-enforced what I and the stamp maker said.  Except that what I think the journal also says is that the words "shotacon" and "shota" are two different things.  No "shota" is just SHORT for "shotacon" as far as I know.

But another identification is that "shotacon" means someone who is a fan of shota.  But I'm not going to use that term because I did research and my terminology is right. ' "Shotacon" is a theme for young anime boys, sometimes "shota" for short.'

Plus you said "the stamp maker is the one brainless" no he isn't, he knows the facts of appearances that turn people on.  When it comes to fiction the APPEARANCES matter the MOST. You're the one being biased.

Just watch these videos they will explain what I'm saying in DETAIL:……


I know when people say "shotacon" or "lolicon" that it can mean people who are fans of those themes but I like to use those terms for the themes themselves as longer versions of "shota" and "loli".

But your response, I know those two shows and I know those characters, yes they look underage but THAT IS THE POINT. What are YOU SAYING? Are you saying that their actual age is legal age, but they look underage? Is that what you're saying?  If that's what your point is then that won't stop people from becoming pedophiles if they get TURNED ON by the image/shape/form of the character because the character LOOKS YOUNG. That is the point.

All your journal mostly does is explain how it ISN'T the same as yaoi, and to tell us what shota OBVIOUSLY IS.

But your journal DOES NOT defend how it can't link someone becoming a pedophile if they get TURNED ON by it, the same should be said for loli(con).
If you were defending shota(con) from being linked with pedophilia then you would try to do the same for lolicon.
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If you want to meet me elsewhere you can find me on youtube, yes, I know youtube is a HORRIBLE place.…


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