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Hello people-that-are-reading-this-journal, time for a little update about what's been going on with me.

Well before I start, I hope you guys had a great Christmas, mine was good and great thanks to the online discounts and sales like the give-one, get-one premium membership to me and my friend :iconroler42:.  The main purpose why I got a premium membership was to change my name.
Yes I used to be called "darchangel8" here on deviantart and "darkstar77777" on youtube but that has all changed and I wanted a more interesting name so I combined the two names while removing the numbers.
From now on I will be known as "Darkstar-Archangel" it's much more better than the previous names I used to have.

Besides the deviantart sale I also got some good steam holiday sales purchases, I bought some games and applications for good low prices.  I hope you guys got your steam holiday sales because they were amazing.  I also got to upload that Chris Hansen comic I've been eager to finish for Christmas and thankfully I got to upload it exactly on Christmas day, here's the link to the deviation:…

Now that the internet holiday discussion is clear, now for the real life news.  The real life gifts I got were no big deal but I could care less about it, but I did celebrate Christmas with a big family get-together party.  It was great.

Also to tell you guys a Happy New Year, 2013 was WAY better than 2012 and 2011 combined and hopefully 2014 will be an incredible and amazing year.  I also went to my friend's friend's house to celebrate the new year.  (Yes I said "friend's" twice on purpose.)

Now for what I would want to accomplish for the new year, get my college classes and pass them, that's the important thing.  I'm also trying to clean up the house and move some useless trash/garbage out of the garage and I'm trying to clear it out so I can move some stuff out of my room so I can get my own PERSONAL COMPUTER for my room, that TV cabinet is taking up too much space in my room to have a new computer in it. 
So right when I get my own personal computer, NOBODY will keep me from using my Wacom Intuos 5 while drawing my work on Photoshop.  Let me tell you this left computer I'm using right now has PROBLEMS reading devices and it sucks so I'm expecting to get my Windows 7 computer.

I'm also going to set up an agenda to keep me on track with the projects I'm working on so, there you go.

I sincerely hope that this new year will be an incredible year, especially for you guys and other people out there.

See you all in the better future.

- Darkstar Archangel
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United States
If you see this user COMMENT something disturbing or disgusting, it's not me.

I don't do commissions or give commissions, I might take requests from people that I trust the most (i.e. my best friends on the list). If you give me points, ONLY give them when you believe I earn them.

Ignorance is bliss.
Arrogance is bliss.
Bliss is blocked.

If you want to meet me elsewhere you can find me on youtube, yes, I know youtube is a HORRIBLE place.…


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wakaflockaflame1 Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You heard of BlackBusterCritic?
AClockworkKitten Mar 2, 2014  Student General Artist
Good day to you ma'am.  I like how you use the word "FACT" in one of your posts because opinions mean nothing to cold hard FACTS.

I see you are taken, are you taken by someone in real life or on the internet?
AClockworkKitten Mar 4, 2014  Student General Artist
The anti-crush stamp?

Well, I don't go for online relationships and I don't know much about you.  How are you?
I'm doing great, been moving my data off from older computers on to new better ones to progress with my work, I have an easy college class going on.  And I'm trying to get time to work on my Wacom Intuos.

It's all good.
Happy birthday you get 20 deviant points from me
64SuperNintendo Feb 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Happy birthday!
wakaflockaflame1 Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Oh, that was 5 or 7 hours early for the party but thanks for the decorative birthday card.
wakaflockaflame1 Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:P wakawelcome
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